Why choose natural carpets for the flooring?

The world is again moving towards the environment-friendly products and one of the essential elements of the home and office décor is flooring. Natural flooring has become the important component in designing the flooring. The major reason is people are rejecting man made products and going back to the traditional natural rugs which are eco-friendly, durable, cost effective and modern.

While there are more choices of the synthetically machine manufactured carpets, fewer choices are available for the hand woven, beautifully woven carpets and flooring. They are a renewable source and are prized for the rich textures and patterns.

What is the most common component used in making natural carpets?

These are natural fibers which are produced from the natural plant fibers. They are sisal fibers, coir fibers, seagrass fibers and jute fibers. These are tough fibers and made of impermeable abilities. The only drawback is that they cannot be dyed or colored from the manufacturer. But they can be woven into beautiful carpets and they are moisture resistant too. The fiber of sisal rug is so smooth that it can be great to lie down on and on stairs it’s perfect and gives it an elegant look.

Jute carpets, on the other hand, are made up of thick jute fiber which is found in abundance in Asia. The carpet weaving is a key source of employment in Asia. It is one of the most durable and inexpensive carpet flooring available in the world. The patterns and designs of the jute rugs are exclusive and artistic. They add an element of design to your bedrooms and areas with low traffic.

Sisal rugs for flooring are another source of natural carpets. It is easily dyed and the fact that it can be easily dyed also contributes to the fact that it can be stained easily, so the precaution should be taken. Sisal rugs can be placed in any room of the home and office as they are durable and soft. The various patterns and textures of the sisal rugs are magnificent, which provides a new décor to your living space.

The knotted designs and the hand woven patterns of the natural rugs make them exclusive for the flooring. One of the main features of almost all the natural rugs is that they are fire resistant as they have high insulating property. A properly woven carpet will last a long time and they are a renewable source of energy which is an added advantage as you are saving the environment too. This natural flooring is so durable that you will never regret your decision. On some natural rugs like sisal dye is applied but on others like seagrass and coir, a dye cannot be applied so they are less prone to stains and patches. Your home and office will look fresh as ever and a hint of the natural element is added.

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