The Importance of Bathroom Ventilation

When people design a new bathroom, they usually take quite a bit of time to do so. They are careful to work out whether everything will fit into the space available and spend ages looking for just the right style of bathrooms suite and accessories. However, when it comes to ventilation many people completely forget to consider it. They only realise how important ventilation is to a bathroom when it is too late.

A lack of ventilation encourages mould

A bathroom that is not ventilated properly is a breeding ground for mould. Within a few months, the new tiles and the ceiling can become speckled with mould that will only spread and get worse until the ventilation is sorted out.

A window may not do the trick

Some people assume that a window will provide sufficient ventilation and sometimes it will, but not always. If you install a power shower, more steam may be generated and opening a window for a few minutes may no longer clear enough of the moisture to prevent mould. Besides which the problem with relying on a window is that you have to open it even on cold days, and doing so wastes heat.

Avoid buying underpowered ventilation

Even if you do fit an extractor fan if it is not powerful enough you could still end up with mould. For this reason, it is always a good idea to seek advice from a company like Better Bathrooms before buying ventilation for your bathroom. They sell everything you need to put together the perfect bathroom including ventilation. You can buy everything you need from their betterbathrooms website or drop into one of their showrooms.

Beware of noisy fans

Unfortunately, extractor fans can be noisy, especially if you have to put them on during the night. Bear this in mind and look for the quietest one you can find.


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