How to Clean Fine Glassware and Keep it Sparkling

Getting by without glassware around the home would be pretty painful – mercifully it’s something most of us at least will never have to contemplate though. However, it’s probably fair to say that most of us are united in our hatred for trying to keep our lovely shiny glasses anything close to lovely and shiny.

From spots to scuffs to streaks to scratches, it can sometimes feel like you’re fighting a losing battle you might as well give up on. However, there is in fact a knack to keeping glassware looking showroom ready for the long-haul – and the following tips cold help you do exactly that:

1 – Keep ‘em Separated

Don’t fall into the habit of treating all glass as if it’s the same…it isn’t! Some will be delicate and some will be durable, so be sure to separate your glassware before any and every cleaning process. When it comes to delicate items, you need to attack them with a gentle hand and a caring touch to avoid damage, so get into this particular habit first of all.

2 – Dishwasher Dangers

There’s nothing wrong with putting your glassware in the dishwasher as doing so will indeed get the glasses very clean and hygienic to boot. However, over time it’s inevitable that the dishwasher will damage the glasses it washes, leaving nasty white marks and scuffs on the surface while also making the glass more brittle. Not the end of the world for your cheapest glasses you don’t really care about, but not a good idea for your best crystal.

3 – One by One

Get yourself into the habit of washing just one glass at a time when washing by hand. When holding the glasses this reduces the chances you’ll drop one, while keeping the bowl/sink free from other glasses prevents and collision damage.

4 – Softly Does It

Always use a soft sponge with a handle or an extremely soft brush to clean the inside of the glasses. Not only will this prevent the surface from becoming scratched, but also rules out the chance of the glass breaking if you were to try to put your hand inside it.

5 – Warm Water, Weak Mix

Water that’s too hot or too cold won’t do your glasses any good, so aim for something right down the middle. And what’s more, only ever use a detergent recommended for glassware and use a very small amount at that. Even if it doesn’t damage your glasses, too much can leave traces in/on the glass and affect the taste of what’s poured in next.

6 – Rinse Early

This counts for when drinking from them and washing them alike – always rinse with warm water as quickly as possible to prevent liquids drying and leaving marks on the surface.

7 – Dry Time

And finally, make the effort to dry the glasses by hand as air-drying will almost always leave a ton of water marks all over the place. Microfiber cloths and kitchen towel work the best – pretty much anything that doesn’t leave fibres all over the glass.

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